Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tomorrow! Home!

Tomorrow I get to go home (said in a sing song voice)! Diddilee do. I will help my mom bake pies and cook squash (if I ever buy some. hmmmm) and maybe knit and all that great stuff that doesn't involve tolerating desperate chocoholics in need of a fix.

I only have 6 min to finish this.

Today my boss FORGOT that she scheduled HERSELF to work in Madison today with me. So I worked by myself for the first 4 hours, when we were busy enough that I had some trouble finding time to use the facilities in the basement. That is just not cool. Doesn't everyone have a right to pee? Even if you do. need chocolate. NOW. After tomorrow, the store can bite me for two days. Suckas.


Karlie said...

for two days? that's a lot of biting..

Karlie said...

p.s. i like this blogging every day thing.