Monday, June 18, 2007

15 Blisters

I am exhausted, but I wanted to tell everybody that I had a good time in Vegas. The 15 blisters on the soles of my two feet is proof of my great time. More updates later, must sleep.

Friday, June 15, 2007

One success, one failure, all in one day.

So today went well for the most part. We got up in the hell hole known as Tuba City, AZ and drove to the grand canyon. That was amazing. Just beautiful. And, despite my usual fears, I wasn't too freaked out. That's the success.

We then drove to Flagstaff, where we are staying tonight. I don't know why I decided to change the plan from staying in Williams, and now I am wishing that I wouldn't have. I knew that if we stayed in a big enough town that we would HAVE to go out, because my friends love to go to bars. Frankly, I am just not into that scene, at all. I feel completely insecure and vulnerable in that situation, because I haven't had many good experiences in those settings. So when we went out tonight, I tried to be happy and have fun, but I couldn't do it. First of all, I was DD, so I wasn't drinking, and, as soon as I saw that all the guys were interested in my friends, and only my friends, I just gave up and pouted. Sad, pathetic, yes, I know. Eventually, Christin and I came back to the hotel, Karlie and Lia will take a taxi back, I guess.

I got some amazing pictures today though, so thats a positive thing.

I can't believe that we are going to be spending the next two nights in Vegas, doing exactly what I don't feel comfortable doing. I guess I will figure something out. These next two nights are the last two that Karlie will be spending with us as well, before moving to L.A. Sad again.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

From the road: Tuba City, AZ

So, yes, I am in a really small, quite crappy town in Arizona that is overrun by abandoned dogs. And they don't use daylight savings, so its a different time than the rest of Arizona. We are in the Navajo nation.... so weird.

We have seen some amazing sights and it has been great. Today was probably the worst day actually. It was cold and kind of rainy at the sand dunes, and then we drove for like 5 hours to this crappy town, where the only rooms available are in the hostel, and my friends got their clothes locked in the laundry room. We barely have internet access and are locked in for the evening.

Ugh. If you want to see pictures, go to

See you soon!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's about to begin.

Well, the final night of waiting is here. I can't believe that I am going to be going on a two week long roadtrip that I have been planning for a YEAR with my best friends, and that it starts tomorrow.

We packed up the car tonight and took stupid pictures, surely that won't be then end of those. :) Everything fit in the car, so that's a good sign. Then we sat around the campfire with my dad and talked about what is going to come tomorrow. I am just so happy. I already don't want it to be over.

My dad is on the way to my apartment (in madison) to pick up the extra set of keys for my car... yes, I forgot them. It's amazing that he is driving there right now, that's a long way.

I have to wrap up some loose ends, to make the morning smooth. Talk to you soon!

Monday, June 4, 2007

The messy life

I cannot believe how messy my life has become since graduation, both physically and in terms of security.

Four years of living with other people has not cured my tendency to be slightly on the messy side. I left dishes in the sink for a week! There is stuff all over my apartment, and I am kind of basking in the idea that I don't HAVE to pick it up-nobody is going to get mad at me. I kind of am enjoying this whole 'living alone' bit. I still feel really free from graduation. It's good.

As for the security thing... I guess I am good rolling with the punches. Most of my life I have spent being slightly unsure about where I would be living in the near future, so I have experience with this sort of thing. But it still sucks. Now we don't know what exactly is going on with our house, because the married's aren't going to be married anymore, and the other guy doesn't want to be the only guy, and the other chick is nervous about getting a stranger. Oh my, the drama. I really like the idea of keeping the house we have, just because I hate to change things (and I showed my family where it was, lol) but if we have no better choice then I am up for it. The only thing I am truly afraid of is complete abandonment. If this turns into me having to find a place to live on my own, I might freak out. Signing a lease doesn't seem like a risk, but I guess it is. All I have to say is, Andrea, please don't leave me. Thanks. :)

I think I am going to go take care of the mess under my control. Lata