Monday, June 4, 2007

The messy life

I cannot believe how messy my life has become since graduation, both physically and in terms of security.

Four years of living with other people has not cured my tendency to be slightly on the messy side. I left dishes in the sink for a week! There is stuff all over my apartment, and I am kind of basking in the idea that I don't HAVE to pick it up-nobody is going to get mad at me. I kind of am enjoying this whole 'living alone' bit. I still feel really free from graduation. It's good.

As for the security thing... I guess I am good rolling with the punches. Most of my life I have spent being slightly unsure about where I would be living in the near future, so I have experience with this sort of thing. But it still sucks. Now we don't know what exactly is going on with our house, because the married's aren't going to be married anymore, and the other guy doesn't want to be the only guy, and the other chick is nervous about getting a stranger. Oh my, the drama. I really like the idea of keeping the house we have, just because I hate to change things (and I showed my family where it was, lol) but if we have no better choice then I am up for it. The only thing I am truly afraid of is complete abandonment. If this turns into me having to find a place to live on my own, I might freak out. Signing a lease doesn't seem like a risk, but I guess it is. All I have to say is, Andrea, please don't leave me. Thanks. :)

I think I am going to go take care of the mess under my control. Lata

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Andrea said...

totally not leaving you...never fear ;)