Saturday, August 30, 2008

From Door Co.

  • Dying,
  • then not dying,
  • coffee shop
  • cream of carrot soup.
  • So much better,
  • relaxing,
  • san pellengrino
  • sea kayaking later

Friday, August 29, 2008

Try it! You'll LOVE it!

I must say, I love love love Archer Farms Lemon Italian Soda. I got it at Target, otherwise known as the convenience Mecca.

The other thing I must endorse is Midwest Airlines. I adore them because of their wide wide leather seats, their 5 inch wide armrests between wide wide seats and because of the two free warm chocolate chip cookies you get at 30,000 feet.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

In your Opinion....

I just received a phone call from Harris Polls!!! I have never gotten to participate in a phone poll before, and I was excited enough to stay on the line and not hang up on the woman I assumed to be a telemarketer. My opinion is finally being factored in to reveal average American's views! I have a voice. You are welcome, America, I did my best.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

28 hours

It took me OVER 24 hours to get home from Georgia. Where I left off, I was still wedged tightly between a rock and that screaming baby in the waiting area. I got to Transference's apartment, only after paying $40 for a cab from the airport (ouch!). Next morning, his roommate drove me to the bus stop downtown, where somehow they had wireless internet, glory be! Two hours later (this puts us at 2pm, which is when I left Macon to begin my journey, 24 hours earlier) I get to Madison, securely fasten my headphones and begin the mile long hike to Trinity to put Amanda on Facebook. This takes until about 4pm and included many debates about privacy and security and a photo shoot. But, finally, she is part of the Facebook universe.

I hinted about getting a ride, and she agreed to be my free taxi.... but WAIT! The phone rings... its.. its... THAT GUY! That guy that she has been wanting to have a meeting with for so long! So... She asks me to walk to her house, relieve the current babysitter of her 3 year old son and watch him while she has her meeting. Um... ok. Why not. We watch the end of the Arisocats, play backwards Fooseball and Curious George Uno. Amanda returns then, and I finally got to go home, at about 5:30pm. A full 28 hours after I left Macon, Georgia. What a ride!


I have crazy, fucked up dreams. I know, everyone does, but most people don't remember theirs. While in Georgia I had two whacked out REM sessions.

In the first, I was totally part of a threesome who decided to stab their friend to death. After I helped kill my friend(which I don't remember actually DOING in the dream, thank GOD), I was so sad for a number of reasons. First, why the hell did I want to kill this person/he did not deserve to die/blah blah blah/Remorse. Secondly, we are suck idiots! This needed way more premeditation than we gave it - we are totally fucked. Then I woke up and was SO glad I wasn't going to prison.

In the second, it was my wedding day, but something was amiss. I knew I was getting married, but I wasn't wearing a beautiful white gown, and things weren't going right. The main problem was that I couldn't remember my fiancee's name. I realized this and then tried to listen to everyone talking... Shouldn't SOMEONE be talking about the man I am going to marry? Come on, say his name, ask a question about him or something! But nobody did, and I think I decided his name was either Adam or Andrew. I made a decision in my dream though. I decided I didn't care whom I was getting married to because 1. He wants to marry me, and that's good enough and 2. I am TOTALLY having sex tonight! YES!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bordom Blog

So. Readers, welcome to the land between lands, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, concourse D. That's D as in David, according to the loudspeaker lady. Today has been quite eventful, beginning with my being woken at 7:30 by screaming outside the house. Yes, outside, and yes, I was sleeping in the basement. It must have been loud, that's all I can say. Anyway, Britt (my 18 y.o. niece) stepped in dog crap (with her bare foot, and got it on her jeans) on her way to the truck and had to come back in to change, but I guess she took too long, cause my hard ass sister left her. Great way to start the day. So I got up and ate leftover pot pie with her on my sister's porch. Took a shower, had a kick ass interview with the country of Poland, packed up and left. Ate lunch with my sister at a Chinese restaurant and she dropped me off at Groome (van place).

Because I rock, I slept basically the whole way from Macon to Atlanta. Here's where the fun really starts. I was informed that my flight was canceled so now I am on the 7:55 flight to Milwaukee. This makes it impossible to catch the last Badger Bus, so I plan on staying at Transference's place in Milwaukee tonight. Unfortunately, he has recently left his phone in Madison, so it is in the mail. He has no phone. Even more unfortunately, his car was impounded due to unpaid parking tickets. Why does life have to be so complicated? Either way, I now have T's roommate's boyfriend's phone number, and I guess they are going to come get me when I land.

Then I am a free woman. I have very few commitments this week, which is wonderful. I get to help Amanda make herself known on Facebook, talk on the phone with S. Korea, pay for an upcoming trip, and go to an ice cream party. Heck yea. All of those sound brilliant. Sign me up! Except,wait! I am already on the list, it's my life!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Many losses for the Company

Its early, but I just had a really dumb/scary dream. I was apparently still unemployed a while from now and I was desperate, so I applied to Culver's of Tomah, where I worked for over two years in high school. They must have hated me when I really worked there, because I was given only one raise the whole time I worked there, for $.25. But, I loved the atmosphere because nearly all of my best friends were working with me. I didn't realize it at the time, but, I would never again have it so good in terms of coworkers. Anyway, in my dream Al (owner) said that he wouldn't rehire me because I had made 'many losses for the company'. I walked away stunned, and then helped some guy get his free flavor of the day in a dish. Losses. Like hell.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Georgia thus far: In pictures

Please focus on my adorable niece Leah and my nephew Russ.

I am sure I could be killed for this next picture, but it shows off my sister's new belly quite nicely. Hi MAX! I took this from the floor of maw maw's hospital room. She's really sick with cancer...
Leah and Russ helped me make bacon wrapped asparagus. Look at them, all rolling with raw pork!
Finally, here are my sisters two English Bulldogs. The darker one is Cookie, the other one is T-bone. They're sweet.And, that's Georgia. Woo hoo! Stick around for more updates.

I hope it's true

Don't give up yet; the work may be piling up now, but you can get through it all if you just stay focused on what's important. There are, no doubt, all kinds of distractions that can pull you from your mundane commitments, but you'll need to set them aside. Fortunately, the Sun's trine to your key planet Pluto gives you the ability to concentrate your mind power directly on your targeted destination.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Back in the South

So YAY! I am here again. This place fills me with such mixed emotions. When I first got here, I was so irritated with the prim and proper way people were existing on the shuttle van. I mean, how does someone talk on a cell phone not a foot away from me so quietly that I can't even EAVESDROP? Ugh. And I was tired, and I dropped my Ipod and couldn't get to it in the cramped little van.

Also, we don't eat here until like 8:30 every night! How crazy is that? But, the food is quite good.

Sheri and her kids fight basically constantly. This sucks because I know my sister has got to be sick of it, and sometimes her oldest kids treat her like dog shit. This makes me want to run and knock them down.

OhmygoshIlovemysister. Seriously. And she is all pregnant and cute like and I think I can tell that she is happy and excited for the new little boy (MAX!) to move in (and out) in December.

Anyway, I think I am keeping my little Russ awake... he begged to sleep with me tonight. And I am a giant sucker. Goodnight!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The beginning of the end

Hey.... so I have a new blog, one that is specifically for my adventures in ESL teaching. Come check it out:

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fine fine fine!

Geez. You wouldn't make me feel bad if you knew how busy I have been. But NOW, now I am no longer a student, again. (and I sound like a non-native speaker, I am sorry. I have been hanging out with Kayleigh.... and learning. Gam sa ham nida is thank you in Korean, so THERE!). I plan on giving you more details about my life, but I have been working like 12 hours a day, and getting like 6 or 7 hours of sleep a day.

Um....I can't type at this point. I am in the student dorms and trying to talk to Kayleigh and Izzy, who is quite drunk. And we are watching the olympics. I am a multitasker, but I am not that good. Everyone has their limits.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Mother Load

So... Job searching was pretty stalled for awhile. Fear of not finding something, plus this sinking feeling that I wasn't going to get out of here for some time was not motivating me to look online for a job. But now... I present the greatest thing: Thousands of jobs online. THOUSANDS. And all over the world. Thank you Internet Gods. Now. Let me get back to starting this adventure. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We have Internet!

oh yeah. Someone loves me and is 'letting' me use their wireless. But just barely. Also, I realized later that even if we don't have internet here, it wasn't going to be 24 hours until I was at school. Try half that.

I never said that I was a mathematician. Except that one time, but I lied.

I'm out!

I am officially leaving my apartment as soon as I.... leave. Moved all the stuff today, except for the few things in the bathroom and I am on my way. Weird. Goodbye Vilas Neighborhood. Hello Ghetto.

I probably won't have internet access at the new place, so... we will have to live without each other until tomorrow at 8:30am. Damn these 24 hours might just kill me.

Sometimes horoscopes are creeeepy.

When you travel back through your memories today, nostalgia can overtake you, reminding you that something is missing at home. But the real work is to take what you have in life now and project that into the future rather than regressing into your past. Lean on your most reliable friends for the emotional support you need.

On a day when I am moving most of my stuff, this seems all too plausible.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


This has been a great weekend thus far. The week preceding this one was quite stressful, but last night a contingent of MTTPers found a way to relax and let loose. I am just going to give a little bullet point rundown of the highlights
  • Margaritas. Delish.
  • Burgers, corn, potato salad, amazing brownies (they lived up to their hype!) snackies
  • Beautiful house, with a great view.
  • 2 hours of quarters
  • 1 hour of a new game - 'Drug Dealer'. I will teach you if you don't know. This game rocks.
  • Hot tubbing, pool, hot tub, pool, hot tub.
  • Round 2 of potato salad
  • Accidentally waking up Beth at 3:30am...
If any of you MTTPers who were there last night read this- I thank you for a lovely evening. And some pictures will be on my picasa web album shortly, if you are interested in having a more visual run-down.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A glimpse

Shut up, please! No, screw that! just SHUT UP! What you are saying means nothing to anyone within earshot, so close your damn mouth. Can't you see that nobody wants to hear what you are saying? By continuing to talk, you are making my nerves dance on razorblades. Beware.

This is how I feel after 4 hours of class with some really really talkative people...

Friday, August 1, 2008

In the pit of my stomach

I love to pack. I have said it over and over. Somehow I was blessed with almost superhuman spacial reasoning skills when it comes to putting crap in boxes. The idea of moving gets the adrenaline running and I could pack for hours.

Until now, that is. Yesterday was the day to conquer the living room and most of the kitchen and organize my crap in the basement. That went well, besides it being about 100 degrees in my house. I started packing for real today in my room. I felt it building as I moved from one area to the next, putting my personal belongings into boxes and sealing them up. When I got to the picture frames, I almost lost it. And then, when I found the envelope full of pictures of my old dog, Lady, I couldn't take it anymore. I just laid down, behind my bed and had a freak out fest.

Why am I doing this? What am I even doing anyway? I don't know what I am packing FOR! Where am I going? What will I need there? The things that I will miss most are things that I cannot pack into boxes or my suitcase to take with me. Those things are my family, my friends, the terrace, the farmers market, fireflies, Trinity, Amanda, Barriques, Hoofers. My memories will travel with me, but I am not sure how to make them companions who don't just remind me of what I don't have, but what I should be happy to have experienced.

There is something terribly unnerving to take all of the comforting things off of my walls. Living in a bare-walled room makes me feel very unsafe, vulnerable and out of place in general. When I was putting each picture frame away today, I tried not to look at the picture inside. I knew that I would freak out, but I couldn't help myself. It feels almost like putting that PERSON away, like I was saying goodbye to this moment or that person. I was putting my life away, in storage, on hold. I know this is what I am doing. It's a very lonely feeling. Probably the loneliest I have ever felt.