Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hot in....

It is so hot in here! I can't wait for the weather to break so that I won't be miserable in my 'own' house. That might be nice. Living in a sauna is never a good choice.

Brian and Patsy are back! And life resumes a semblance of normalcy. I am sad that Maddy won't be keeping me company anymore, but I am glad that I won't be up at 6:30 tomorrow morning either.

Just this week it dawned on me that I HAVE to work to live. That I actually can't just take off work whenever I wanted to, because I NEED the money. Ugh. This is not a good realization, but one that should have been made... oh I dunno, like 7 years ago. Have you noticed the extent of my skills in denial? I am a genius. So I told The Boss (not bruce springsteen) that I wanted to work 40 hours a week. GROSS. I don't really want to work 40 hours a week. Not at all. But such is life. I was getting super depressed about it though, feeling like I was a failure, especially listening to my roommates talk about their education and what they want to be. I don't even know if I want to use my degree. But, after a while I decided that I can always go back to school... and that I really might want to in Seattle. It would give me some sort of purpose there, and a way to meet people. So we'll see. And I am not so sad about it right now, so that's a good thing.

There was probably more I wanted to write about, but... I think I will sleep instead. Night.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's a hard knock life

I am perpetually pooped! These last two weeks have been pretty hard. Moving is 'over' now, thank god! I mean, all of our stuff is on the property somewhere, so the furthest we would have to haul it is a couple hundred feet. Sure, our house still looks generally like crap, but at least it is filled with our stuff. I am basically done painting my room, except for some trim work and touch ups. All of my big stuff is moved into my room too, so I am on the downward slope of this whole task.

Oh goodness, I just realized that my shoulder didn't hurt this morning when I woke up... or I don't remember it hurting anyway. That is both great and amazing, considering all I have been doing over the last couple weeks has been tough for my shoulder.

Maddy comes today to stay for the week! I am both excited and a little bit nervous about it. I hope everything goes smoothly, because we have a lot of work to be done here still and I have to work all week. I am sure everything will be fine, she is a fun pup, and it's only a week. Plus Andrea said she would help, so it isn't all on my shoulders.

Anyway, I should get back to my room, to painting... I should try to finish that before the puppy comes I guess.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Family and Home

I had a really great time at home this last week. Spending time with my niece, mom and aunt was just an overall good time. Steph and I went to Noah's Ark, House on the Rock, on a brewery tour in LaCrosse and biking on the Elroy-Sparta trail. Here are a couple pics from this week.

For more, visit my google photos. : ) they're all there.