Friday, February 29, 2008

The new (er) plans

Because I care whether or not you die holding your breath, I think I have figured out what my spring and summer will look like, and I am ready to share:

Now - June 6th Working both jobs as I have been doing since the new year
June 9th -15th In Georgia (hopefully)
6/15 - 6/25 - James J
June 30-July 15th James J
July 15th-August 15th at the Midwest Teacher Training Program
After 8/15.... who knows.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Slow reactions

Thinking of spending over two hours with elementary school kids in Chuck E. Cheese doesn't sound like a cake walk to most people, but it was pretty great today. I actually got the Jackpot on two games, cause I rock at little kid games, apparently. Overall, the day was quite taxing. 6 hours with those kids gets to me.

When I got to my car, I had a message from my mom telling me to call her back, and 'it was important'. Immediately I knew that it was something bad, but I tried to shake that off, cause I almost always assume it's something bad when people leave me messages like that. Alas, it was bad news. My 17 year old niece was involved in a bad car accident this afternoon. She has an undisclosed amount of internal damage, which she is currently in surgery for. I talked to my sister, who said that things didn't look good and that she would call me when she knew something.

It took me a couple hours to process this enough to realize that this is a pretty big deal. It's hard to believe it's all real when everyone is so far away and you are so out of the loop. Hopefully I hear something soon. Otherwise, I am just going to keep believing everything will be just fine.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ahhh, we meet again.

Back in middle school, I used to eat it all the time. It was the greatest food out there. And now, I am going to pair it with a little Spotted Cow. Ramen Noodles, chicken flavor.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Ugh. In a funk, again. That's putting it lightly. It kind of hit me, out of the blue, about 15 minutes ago. But, it's a hard hitter, that funk. I would normally categorize today as being a good day, productive, yet calm. Not now though. Right now I am missing my friends and family across the country and feeling very alone.

At my denominations class last week we were given a chart that was basically squares within squares, showing the different levels of intimacy and relationships. The smallest, center square was yourself, the next was your intimates, next was friends, next people you knew, etc. We were told to write in some names starting from the center. Apparently, almost no one can have more than 5 intimates because of the emotional and time commitment. We started talking about physical distance between us and our intimates, and I realized that almost all of mine were 2,000 miles away from me. This, of course, is not great for your psychological or emotional health. Don't get me wrong, I have a number of great friends here (those on the next level out). Also, I believe that I don't hold much back from my 'friends' that I would tell my 'intimates'. I am a sharer. I share, it's what I do. But there is something about knowing that you can tell someone anything with absolute certainty that they will understand. I know, I know, I can call, email, chat with or whatever with these people. It's not the same as sitting across the room from them, or on the other end of a bed or riding in a car next to them. It isn't the same.

Basically I am upset, once again, because I am alone, in my bed, wishing I could have someone here who I can talk with, trust, have fun with (thats as graphic as it gets, sorry!). I want someone to care about me. Now there's a selfish statement. It's hard for me to let myself think that I am worthy or deserve all those things, but I believe that everyone deserves it. So, I guess I deserve it too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Should be Hell-entines

Do you all know how much I hate Valentines day? A lot. So much that it makes every other day seem better. This hatred stems mostly from my working in a chocolate shop but also because I never have a valentine. I haven't had a day off since a week ago Sunday. Yep, that's Feb. 3rd. I don't have another day off until this Sunday. It just generally sucks. And tomorrow is the busiest day of the year for us. THE busiest. I am so excited. Actually, I am kind of excited, because that means that I will never have to work that stupid day again.

Today, at my other job, I found out that a kid broke a bone in his hand, yesterday, while I was supposed to be watching him. I don't even remember him being in the same room, much less breaking a bone. Scary. He seemed fine though. Quite excited to have a bright red cast, too. It must be nice to be a 8 year old boy.

Still doing well on the whole 'no soda' thing. I had one on Sunday, because Sundays are somewhat exempt from lent. But the weird thing is, I didn't really even want it. I drank it because I knew I wouldn't be able to have one for the rest of the week. The crazy thing was, it didn't even taste good to me. cray-zee. Maybe I was ready to give up soda. Maybe.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Keeping the Joy of Snow Days alive!

Today is the first day of lent, and man, what a day it was.
  • 12.3 inches of snow fell today. This resulted in:
    • Madison Public Schools being closed, which means that I got paid for not working today!
    • James J closed at 2!
    • UW was closed after 3:30!! (only the 3rd time since 1990, supposedly).
    • Me getting stuck in my driveway for a half an hour while I shoveled. It's good exercise.
Ah the joy of snow. I took an hour long walk in the snow with Andrea today too. It was all so beautiful. It actually looks like a giant puffy sparkling white blanket covering everything. I want to run and jump in it, ruining its purity. ha ha. Making it dirty.

I am giving up soda for lent. So far, i WIN! only 39 days left. Right? 40 Days in lent? I think that's right. Whatever.

Monday, February 4, 2008

So I blog

I have been a busy girl lately! It seems like it shouldn't be like that, since I am all out of classes and the commitments that go with them (homework, team projects, etc), but I am still busy. Work has really started with the Hoofer budget (I am the treasurer, remember. I have to revise this years and come up with next years- Oh the power!), I am working two jobs and I am taking a 5 week course about the different denominations of Christianity through the local church I found a couple weeks back. I feel good about all of these things, except for my jobs. They are both getting dumb. But I have a remedy to that coming soon. Very much considering taking a one month, intensive TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) class here in Madison. It's expensive, but they help you get a better paying, safe job somewhere. Somewhere, even, like Germany or France. Of course, that wouldn't be quite as shocking and life changing as, say, South Korea or Kenya, but I would like it just the same. Since the school is 8 hours a day, five days a week, I am guessing that I would not be working during that time (which would ROCK, btw!). I would quit James J, and Afterschool, but hope to get a summer job though either Afterschool or MSCR. The only caveat is that both of those programs start the same week that the school has it's last week of classes. Not sure what to do about that one.