Monday, May 18, 2009

A contrast, if you will.

This is what my friends attended last week in Seattle: Gay Bingo!

This is how people feel where I live: Homophobia breeding ground

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sushi Change

So, I know this is random, but... WELCOME TO MY BLOG!

Wednesday is sushi night. Fiona and I have sushi every Wednesday, it's just how it is. Always at the same place, until last night. Because of terrible service, we walked an extra quarter mile down the street and it was sooo much better. They have really cushy chairs, with wrap around cushy arms, servers who speak English really well, they play old music videos on the tvs (instead of birds, birds and more birds), their sushi is a tiny bit more expensive, but their soup is better and bigger and their whole menu is more extensive. Plus, we didn't wait 20 minutes to have our order taken. No siree. Instead of waiting an entire HOUR before our rolls came, we had food in 15 min. We were HOME in an hour.

While I was sitting there, gushing about how wonderful the place was, proclaming that this was our new sushi place, Sheryl Crow came on the TV with the video for...."A change would do you good". I litterally got goosebumps.