Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Keeping the Joy of Snow Days alive!

Today is the first day of lent, and man, what a day it was.
  • 12.3 inches of snow fell today. This resulted in:
    • Madison Public Schools being closed, which means that I got paid for not working today!
    • James J closed at 2!
    • UW was closed after 3:30!! (only the 3rd time since 1990, supposedly).
    • Me getting stuck in my driveway for a half an hour while I shoveled. It's good exercise.
Ah the joy of snow. I took an hour long walk in the snow with Andrea today too. It was all so beautiful. It actually looks like a giant puffy sparkling white blanket covering everything. I want to run and jump in it, ruining its purity. ha ha. Making it dirty.

I am giving up soda for lent. So far, i WIN! only 39 days left. Right? 40 Days in lent? I think that's right. Whatever.

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