Sunday, August 24, 2008

Many losses for the Company

Its early, but I just had a really dumb/scary dream. I was apparently still unemployed a while from now and I was desperate, so I applied to Culver's of Tomah, where I worked for over two years in high school. They must have hated me when I really worked there, because I was given only one raise the whole time I worked there, for $.25. But, I loved the atmosphere because nearly all of my best friends were working with me. I didn't realize it at the time, but, I would never again have it so good in terms of coworkers. Anyway, in my dream Al (owner) said that he wouldn't rehire me because I had made 'many losses for the company'. I walked away stunned, and then helped some guy get his free flavor of the day in a dish. Losses. Like hell.


Luke said...

You only got a .25 cent raise because Al was a Nazi.

And the reason Al would never hire you now is not because of losses, but because you're completely over qualified. Now get out there and kick some job hunting ass!

hautepocket said...

Remember when he rear-ended my brother?

Ginger said...

Remember when your brother shot paintballs at my sister? Hilarious.

staticmonkey said...

....and my brother?
You know, because of that incident, my family thought for sure that Kar and I wouldn't be friends anymore. Showed them!