Wednesday, August 27, 2008

28 hours

It took me OVER 24 hours to get home from Georgia. Where I left off, I was still wedged tightly between a rock and that screaming baby in the waiting area. I got to Transference's apartment, only after paying $40 for a cab from the airport (ouch!). Next morning, his roommate drove me to the bus stop downtown, where somehow they had wireless internet, glory be! Two hours later (this puts us at 2pm, which is when I left Macon to begin my journey, 24 hours earlier) I get to Madison, securely fasten my headphones and begin the mile long hike to Trinity to put Amanda on Facebook. This takes until about 4pm and included many debates about privacy and security and a photo shoot. But, finally, she is part of the Facebook universe.

I hinted about getting a ride, and she agreed to be my free taxi.... but WAIT! The phone rings... its.. its... THAT GUY! That guy that she has been wanting to have a meeting with for so long! So... She asks me to walk to her house, relieve the current babysitter of her 3 year old son and watch him while she has her meeting. Um... ok. Why not. We watch the end of the Arisocats, play backwards Fooseball and Curious George Uno. Amanda returns then, and I finally got to go home, at about 5:30pm. A full 28 hours after I left Macon, Georgia. What a ride!

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