Thursday, August 21, 2008

Georgia thus far: In pictures

Please focus on my adorable niece Leah and my nephew Russ.

I am sure I could be killed for this next picture, but it shows off my sister's new belly quite nicely. Hi MAX! I took this from the floor of maw maw's hospital room. She's really sick with cancer...
Leah and Russ helped me make bacon wrapped asparagus. Look at them, all rolling with raw pork!
Finally, here are my sisters two English Bulldogs. The darker one is Cookie, the other one is T-bone. They're sweet.And, that's Georgia. Woo hoo! Stick around for more updates.


hautepocket said...

A few observations:

1. You're right, those are some cute chilluns.

2. Asparagus and bacon? Is that some sick ploy to get children to eat their vegetables?

3. T-Bone looks fat. Me like.

Ginger said...

Cute pics!