Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have crazy, fucked up dreams. I know, everyone does, but most people don't remember theirs. While in Georgia I had two whacked out REM sessions.

In the first, I was totally part of a threesome who decided to stab their friend to death. After I helped kill my friend(which I don't remember actually DOING in the dream, thank GOD), I was so sad for a number of reasons. First, why the hell did I want to kill this person/he did not deserve to die/blah blah blah/Remorse. Secondly, we are suck idiots! This needed way more premeditation than we gave it - we are totally fucked. Then I woke up and was SO glad I wasn't going to prison.

In the second, it was my wedding day, but something was amiss. I knew I was getting married, but I wasn't wearing a beautiful white gown, and things weren't going right. The main problem was that I couldn't remember my fiancee's name. I realized this and then tried to listen to everyone talking... Shouldn't SOMEONE be talking about the man I am going to marry? Come on, say his name, ask a question about him or something! But nobody did, and I think I decided his name was either Adam or Andrew. I made a decision in my dream though. I decided I didn't care whom I was getting married to because 1. He wants to marry me, and that's good enough and 2. I am TOTALLY having sex tonight! YES!


hautepocket said...

I better have been in that wedding. Skank.

staticmonkey said...

Isn't that what all weddings are about? The sexy time at the end? Yeah, I thought so.