Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Today, I worked all day again. It still wasn't bad at all, I don't think I would mind that job, especially if I eventually got to assist. It would just be something different and challenging everyday. I guess I am going back tomorrow too, so I am not losing as much time and money at work. Plus, what else would I be doing? Sitting at home by myself, doing nothing? At least I won't be as poor now, and I get to 'spend time' with my sister all day. AKA, listen to her in the other rooms, consoling children and singing. I also really like the other people who work in her office. they were all goofy at the end of the day today and make up funny names for each other. I think I would fit in alright there. I think they like me alright, as far as they know me.

I am so proud to have Sheri as my sister. Ms big shot. The one in charge. He he. I am also very glad that I can come down and visit whenever I want to (and can afford to, of course).

Anyway, tired and have a headache now. probably should sleep.

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Urn said...

Hey now, you're supposed to move to Seattle, remember? :)