Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Today, one day of many.

I had to work by myself today because my coworker had to go to a doctors appointment. She is a double lung recipient and there is something wrong with her breathing.... definitely a reason to miss work. So almost 8 hours by myself in a little room again, being bored, cold and tempted by chocolate. That has to be some level of hell. It wasn't that bad actually, I wasted at least 2 hours reading the newspaper (I read the WHOLE thing) and filling out a job application. Bad employee, I know. But I got everything done....so, maybe just a resourceful employee. Then I went to hoofers and signed up for DELTA LODGE! Can't wait to work my butt off skiing! After that, I ran with patsy, in the freezing cold. But....(drumroll please) we ran for 27 minutes...with only a two min walking break!!! That means that I ran for 14 minutes straight. And yes, that would be my longest time running w/o stopping EVER. Thankyouverymuch. That's all, besides WI being crushed by Duke. Sad sad. Goodnight!

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