Friday, November 2, 2007

Best and worst traveling

I discovered (and rode in) the worst seat on the plane yesterday. Very last row, aisle seat, across from the bathroom. It is so loud because you are near the engine, you can't recline the minuscule (but welcome) two inches that all of the other seats recline, and you are about a foot from the door of the bathroom, which puts people's butts right in your face when they try to get the door open. Of the dozen or so people I saw use the bathroom, 100% of them were guys. I am not sure if that means anything really, but I found it against the odds. Don't go getting jealous of me with all of those butts, most of those guys could easily be considered elderly. ugh. My row partner and I could hear a dog howling in the cargo compartment as well, which was wonderful.

After deplaning, though, I think I was the first to get my back off of the conveyor and I made it to the ground transportation with only like two minutes to spare, which was unprecedented. Usually I have to wait almost a whole hour.

Thats the best and worst of it.

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