Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cheeto makes this difficult

So, this might not be long, because there is an orange cat who decided he couldn't be happier than on my lap at this moment, so I am bent over sideways typing uncomfortably. I don't want to disturb master cheeto. I think maybe the cats have been fighting.

And there he goes. As quietly has he came. Tonight I realized (for the fiftieth time, at least) that I am going to be very very sad to be dogless come December. I know what you are thinking, I am technically dogless now, but Maddy is my pseudo puppy. I mean, I bought her a sweater today and have been kind of stressing out about what to get her for Christmas. Come on. I know I need a dog, but can I have one? Do I deserve one? Probably no. I will have to wait. A dog will be my reward when I get my anchor set somewhere. I don't even know if I have said proverbial anchor.

I talked to my sister today, for like 5 min. It's amazing how that turned my day around. Nothing special was said, but I did learn that a 'pallet' means a bed of blankets on the floor, at least in Georgia. And tomorrow I only work until 2! How exciting....I have many things to do to keep me busy. I might just hang out here, or end up in a coffee shop. Haven't done that in a while.

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