Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Well, I suck at NaBloPoMo

I forgot to post on the second day. so much for that! Last night I went SHOPPING. I really shouldn't do that. Ever. But I did. I wanted to get my dad a father's day/birthday gift because he will be in Iraq over fathers day and we won't get to do paddle and portage (which was a lame excuse for a gift anyway). I got him a Sansa mp3 player and loaded it with songs last night. That kind of sucked because all of my songs on iTunes didn't work on it (obviously) because Steve Jobs is a greedy bastard. I had to upload like 15 cds on my computer and figure the player out. But, I think my dad will be happy, and that's what counts.

I bought black shoes for a wedding and a funeral, I think they will work for both. Buying $70 shoes for two specific events is like buying two pairs at $35, right? Anyway, yes, I will be attending another funeral on Sunday, for a man from my church. He loved the choir, was in it for many years, so his wife requested we sing. I needed shoes. I wish I would have had them for my grandpa's funeral last week though, then they would have only seemed like $18 a wearing. Anyway, with no further ado, here are the shoes:Please disregard that little piece of tissue on the seat in front of the shoe. That was from the buckle, and I was in a hurry last night, uploading, syncing, uploading, syncing.

I also bought a dress, because I have like no dressy clothes...and it seems like funerals are becoming popular, so I needed something to wear. So. The dress:If you want to know how it is supposed to look, click here. Back to work!

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Karlie said...

What it's 'supposed' to look like? Shut up. It looks cute, just like it's 'supposed' to. Although, I do hope you wear your head to the funeral AND the wedding. It appears to be missing. ;)