Thursday, June 12, 2008


So, it was one of those long ass days, that I am too tired to describe, but really do deserve description. Hit it, 'points!

  • 7:30am Coffee with Hooferchicks
  • Return projector to district office
  • work til 2
  • Make 3 batches of rice crispy treats
  • TORNADO WARNING -to the basement!
  • Kids come at work
  • TORNADO WARNING - to the basement!
  • Kids eat rice crispy treats and play a while
  • TORNADO WARNING - to the basement! Where we spend the rest of the afternoon, hot, sweaty and bored. What a way to end the year. Makes the transition easier for me, I think.
  • Home, finally
  • Vegetables - first pick up from our CSA! Radishes, garlic something (looks like clover flowers), spinach, salad mix, chives and a basil plant! They gave us a little plant in a pot!
  • Wine with Greg at Barriques. Fun time!
  • Throw in a couple more TORNADO WARNINGS in there, cause there were like 15 tornadoes today, we were basically always under a warning.
To bed I said!


hautepocket said...

Were there seriously 15 tornadoes or just "like" 15 tornadoes? ;)

Ginger said...

I feel, that may be a 'slight' exaggeration. No offense Jen, but you exaggerate like I do. We know our own kind.