Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mixed emotions

When are emotions not mixed? For me, every utter happiness is tainted with a little sadness or nervousness or something. Tomorrow is going to be a longish day. I accepted the invitation to have coffee with some Hoofer friends at (gasp!) 7:30am, then I work the usual 9:30-2 at the Candyhell. I was supposed to make Rice Krispie Treats with the kids for the last two days, which I never got around to doing. So they told me to make them at home tonight and just bring them for the kids to eat, I would be paid for doing it. Sounds like a good deal, except when you are ME and you forget the stuff at the school. Now I will be driving to the main office between jobs and returning the projector, then driving back to the school to make the Treats before the youngins get there. Please know that I would not be doing all of this if it weren't the VERY LAST DAY.

I am excited for it to be the VERY LAST DAY but at the same time, I am sad that I won't get to see my Ula, or my Riley or any of the other kiddies again. EVER. Maybe tomorrow will be super hard! Then it would be easy.

After work, I am meeting Greg for some coffee or wine. Probably wine. I mean, it is the VERY LAST DAY. Celebration is in order. Or drowning of the sorrows. I say, both! And, yes, I believe this to be a date with a guy I have actually met. lol. That sounds so weird. I am NOT going to get super pumped up about wine and boy. I will keep you 'posted'. lol.

Speaking of puns, today I was opening a sesame seed packet for one of those 'simply asia' bowls, and I couldn't get it to rip. So I yelled, "OPEN!...sesame". And then laughed at my pathetic joke for like 5 minutes. I kill me.


artichokeshavehearts said...

LOL. Open sesame. That totally cracks me up, too.

hautepocket said...

Yea, same here. You know when we'll sometimes say "LOL" in a conversation because there is nothing else to say? Totally not doing that this time. I actually (for real and not for fake) LoLed. Just thought you should know.

Also, judging by how hyped up you get from coffee, I would recommend wine for an evening date, or you will NEVER go to sleep.

staticmonkey said...

ha ha! i would do the same thing. i love puns. and i love my own jokes. i guess it's just one of those things that makes us such good friends. :)

Luke said...

Well done.