Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend in Bullet points

It was a long weekend, but try to keep up.

  • Attempted 3 miles. Failed.
  • "Worked" all day Saturday, somehow avoided tornadoes
  • Drinking Saturday night: found out I rock at the card game '99' and earned 3 blisters on the top of my feet.
  • Attended church absolutely soaking wet after walking 2 blocks in a torrential downpour.
  • Learned two new songs for a funeral.
  • Drove to New Glarus, got lost on the way.
  • Picked up beautiful bridesmaid dress.
  • Sampled beer at the brewery.
  • Cried, sang, cried, sang, cried, ate at funeral.
  • Was rained on, again.
  • Saw Sex And The City in dress from said funeral, as there was no time to change.
  • Rained on, one last, final time.
phew. This week, elementary school lets out! That means... LAST WEEK OF FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT! Woo free time and no money. Bring out the wii. You're invited (bring food).

1 comment:

hautepocket said...

yay! maybe we will *finally* be able to figure out how to play against each other on wii!