Monday, June 23, 2008

Thank GOD!

So. I shouldn't be bored, its true, I am working. But I am, so thank you EAHH for your request to participate in a survey. I am totally there.

  1. Movie that best represents your love life: I dunno. Halloween H20?
  2. Favorite college class: Abnormal Psychology
  3. Least favorite college class: Probably Algebra. It's the only one where I cried routinely during the exams
  4. Vocalist you’d most want to sound like: Perhaps Neko Case
  5. Worst date you’ve ever been on: D, all of the above
  6. Favorite pair of shoes: Green Pumas that once spent a whole summer under a friend's pile of laundry
  7. Beverage you most commonly consume when out on the town: Beer. Hello-Wisconsinite here!
  8. Name a song you consider a guilty pleasure: Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. It's super great to run to!
  9. Ever worn fishnets? If so, when was the last occasion? No. no no no.
  10. Best concert you’ve ever been to: I haven't been to enough to define a 'best'
  11. Actor/actress you can’t stand: Mandy Moore?
  12. Person you would punch if you ran into them, and there wasn’t going to be any consequences: G.W.B or my brother in law
  13. If you won a shopping spree and could choose any store, what store would you choose? Boston Store or Macys
  14. Favorite aspect of summer: Lounging outside
  15. Relative you’d most enjoy getting drunk with: my nephew Lee
  16. First item you’d purchase if you won the lottery: a house in Madison. And that's probably the ONLY way I will ever afford one, anyway.
  17. Favorite bar or restaurant: Cheers. Yes, the tv show bar. This question is much too general for me to pick one place to eat. I love too many places.
  18. Worst injury: Broken Arm, circa 1991
  19. If you had to pick a karaoke song to sing this very moment, what would you choose? Meh. I have never done karaoke and I probably never will. But since I HAVE to, maybe 'Carey' by Joni Mitchell
  20. If you could change an aspect of your childhood, what would it be? I wouldn't have been subjected to 4th and 5th grade at Miller Elementary.
  21. If you had to eat the same meal for two weeks straight (and didn’t have any monetary restrictions), what would it be? No consequences for my health either? For some reason, I am thinking Chicken Pot Pie. I dunno.
  22. Is there a movie that you still haven’t seen, and that most people have? Yeah, probably. Like Wayne's World
  23. Most valuable possession that you’ve lost or had stolen: mmm. Cell phone (s)
  24. Song you’d have playing at your funeral: First thought, Instant Karma (we all shine on), John Lennon
  25. Hobby you’ve considered taking up: Windsurfing
  26. If someone made a movie of your life, what band/artist would most likely be on the soundtrack? I have no idea.
  27. Worst haircut or color you’ve ever had: The one where I could impersonate 'The Donald'
  28. Article of clothing you’re now embarrassed that you wore in public: HUGE t-shirts. Like 5 sizes too big.
  29. Favorite caffeinated beverage:Vanilla Latte
  30. Favorite high school memory: Either 'skippy', or Holman Show Choir Competition. Or Voice lesson. I was really happy at voice lessons.


artichokeshavehearts said...

Nice to see someone else was as bored as I was today. :)

hautepocket said...

Halloween H20? Lol.