Friday, June 20, 2008


Today should be a rather uneventful day, with one special exception: My friend GINGER is a year older today! Happy Birthday Ginger! I won't say your age, we will let your faithful readers try to figure that one out on their own. But, I do take...?pride? in knowing that you will always be half a year older than me. Wait, that's not all that exciting. Plus, you will probably live longer than me anyway. Well, this post just got depressing. Went straight from birth to death in like 10 seconds.

I am at Zuzu cafe right now, waiting for Amanda. We are talking about the fact that I am leaving...a meeting instigated by me, so I will probably be responsible for most of the conversation, something that scares me just enough to liquefy my insides a bit. I wanted to get here first, settle down and wait, and that's just what I did. Not a small feat considering it isn't even 8 o'clock. That gives you, my lucky ones, a sneak peek into how riled up I can get over something so small. I can get up at 6:30, a half an hour earlier than necessary (holy shit, I spelled it right on the first time!) and I am all jazzed up on my own homegrown caffeine. It's like I have super powers. I am ANXIETY GIRL! Don't mess with me or I will get all nervous.... yeah, not intimidating.

Can you tell that I am just randomly blathering to keep busy right now? Unfortunately you get to suffer with me. I will let you off the hook for right now. Must go, I guess.

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hautepocket said...

Well, are you going to tell us how it went? I already know, but I want something to read when I get back to the office after lunch.That give you an hour and a half. GO.