Thursday, June 5, 2008

Standing Room only

Apparently I can only stay online at work (yes, the wireless internet I am constantly stealing from the vet next door) while I am standing. If I set a stool down and relax, BAM! No internet. Fine. I will be fit as well as more connected to the world. Its kind of a win-win.

On Tuesday night I had a meeting at church about starting a second service. I love being in this group. Its only 6 people, and that includes P.A. (that's what I am going to abbreviate Pastor Amanda as now) and Deacon (no more names, but for the last time, her name is Tina, in case I slip up and use 'real' names and not titles or blog names). I feel important and valued and I can have an impact on things. I don't think I have had this kind of influence in anything since probably junior year in high school when I was a leader in show choir. Of course, looking back on that time, I remind myself of Dwight from the office. Assistant manager? No, assistant TO the regional manager. I won't let that happen again, don't worry.

Anyway, back to the meeting. We got things accomplished, I didn't present myself as a donkey nearly as much as I could have, honing my filtering skills. Afterwards, I was so hungry, it was after 9pm and I hadn't had dinner. After expressing my incredible need for food, PA suggested we go out. I was all...yes, please. So we all went to the Greenbush Bar, had a few drinks, pizza and calamari. PA had one glass of wine. One. But she is such a lightweight that she wanted someone else to drive on the way back. Because I live one single block from her, I volunteered. I was my pastors DD. What a surreal thing. Anyway, it was a great night.

At the bar,

Side note, I have decided against using titles. First names is even more anonymous.

At the bar, Tina and Erin talked about a newish website called Pandora. Basically it's a streaming music site, where you determine the kinds of music that will be played. You enter in names of artists that you like, and it knows the elements of that music and will play other music with those kinds of elements in them. For instance, I entered 'Death Cab for Cutie', 'Rilo Kiley', and 'Fiest' and they gave me those artists, somewhat plus a ton of unheardofbyme artists. Like: Kim Taylor, the mysteries of life, The Eames Era, and Mansun. You can also share your 'stations' with friends and mix stations and it's just awesome. They find the main features of each song or artist and if you like it, they find other songs with the same features. For example, here is the main features of "This Seat is Taken" by The Mysteries of Life:

mellow rock instrumentation
folk influences
a subtle use of vocal harmony
acoustic sonority
extensive vamping
major key tonality
acoustic rhythm guitars

It's cool. Check it out here.


hautepocket said...

Good to see I'm not the only one using the majority of my paid hours mindlessly surfing the Internet.

What do you mean starting a 'second service?' I'm glad you found something you enjoy being a part of and I'm also glad that you're a fan of The Office, but don't go getting any crazy ideas because I am totally going to be the one to marry Jim. Sorry.

Jen said...

I mean that currently there is only one time on Sunday to go to church. Trinity is filling up rapidly and we are running out of room for people to sit. So we need to add a second time (or a second service) for people to come to give the church the space it needs to continue to grow.