Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Presenting: Seacow Roadtrip

So, I believe this is an appropriate follow up to my last post. The 'Seacow' was something that was started by my friends in early high school. It's basically a notebook of ridiculous quotes or stupid happenings that we wanted to share with our friends. Of course, on the EPIC ROADTRIP we had some funny things to say. And document. I found this artifact today in my car. What follows is confidential, so only first initials shall be used for the quoted.

J - "Oh my god, I thought I was going to drown" (After swallowing too much soda)
-awkward pause-
L - "Where's the seacow?"
K-"If I could live in any other time I would to be in the wild wild west."
J- "Walk up Syndrome? OH! Skydome.
Unknown, L perhaps - "Cute! It's a dust storm!"
Again unknown, K? - "Reduce speed my asshole!"
C - "What's a Buckeye?" L - "IT'S A POISONOUS NUT!'

ok, break. Quotes without citations will be denoted with a U from now on. There seems to be a lot of them. Slackers.

- "We need Tupperware to steal crustaceans"
K - "I encourage shanking"
J - "Lia, SHUT UP!... Please be nice to me"
K- "Can you hold this? I dropped the cap in my crotch"
K- "What is this?! Some kind of semi (truck) circus?"
C - "I miss your face"
U - "Ahhhhhh! I got beef on me!"
L- "Taco coffee burps are not tasty"
K - "Dinosaurs and vaginas. That's all we're talking about!"
J - "If I tried to fart now, I would pee all over the seat"
L - "___________, the world needs to see you with balls in your face"
U -"wow.... slugs like it rough"
U- "Oh! Butt sex! Super!
L- "My mouth's on fuego"
L, when confused by the highway direction - "They wouldn't make me jerk off like that would they?"

And then there was the list of the Dumbest Town Names in the Country.

Pulltight, AL
Manly Hot Springs, AK
Bald Knob, AR
Smut Eye, AL
Yankton, SD
Magic City, ID
Megargle, AL
Swaildale, IA
Packwood, IA
Grundy Center, IA

And now you know.


Karlie said...

you just made my day :)

Urn said...

While on our road trip this summer, we passed through a historic area...

There was a man. His name was Beaver Dick Leigh. And he fought in the Battle of Pierre's Hole. Near the Grand Tetons.


Christin said...

Oh J. You just made me the happiest person in the whole dept. tonight. Thank you for finding the DGRT Seacow.