Thursday, January 3, 2008

The First Day and then some

Today was my first day at my new job, technically. I don't really remember why everyone and their grandma knows this, but I got a lot of questions about how it went and so forth. Let me tell you, it was boring, slightly humiliating, and eased my fear about the upcoming job. Boring, because it was generally a three hour lecture about the rules and regs of the job, complete with about a hour's worth of paper work. Embarrassing because I forgot EVERY item that I needed to bring with me, ID, Social Security Card, Transcript. That will be taken care of tomorrow. But the detail that the orientation went into gave me a brighter and clearer picture of what can be expected and what I can expect in the upcoming weeks.

I have decided that I am serious about my resolutions this year. Fridays I would like to reflect on what I have done to make my goals come true, just to keep me on track. Of course, every week I might not get something done on EVERY goal, but this is just to keep my focused.

This week
  • I have drastically cut down on the number of times I have chewed my cheeks out of nervous habit. I know that is contributing to my skin problems and it just looks weird.
  • I went snowshoeing, which was a ton of exercise, but followed it up by a cheeseburger and fries... I will have to work on that. But I am taking steps, such as trying to cut down on portion sizes and leaving food on my plate (especially at restaurants).
  • I count snowshoeing as guy hunting as well, because if I don't count things like this, I won't have anything to report on
  • Getting this job is a step in getting my own place, because hopefully it will lead to a better paying job than the one I already had at the Chocolate Shop. The only pitfall I can see is that if I actually LIKE this job, the feelings will conflict with my desire to move out of Madison soon.

There's the update. I will try to stay on task and have exciting developments for you next week!

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