Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I had a bad day, blah blahblah blah

Why today kind of sucked:
  • I was late to work at James J
  • I got yelled at by boss #1
  • Was TWENTY minutes late for Job #2
  • Missed my father's phone calls 3 times, and got yelled at by him via voicemail
  • Realized that I was placed in a late-leaving vehicle for a trip that I requested off extra days for
  • Realize now that I have to get up early to pick my dad up at the airport, when he was supposed to come in tonight. He missed his flight out of New York. Sigh
Here's to hoping tomorrow is better!

1 comment:

Karlie said...

sounds like my monday was your tuesday, in terms of shitty-ass-ness. my yesterday was much better, so that means your today will be better as well. obviously.