Monday, January 7, 2008

come on life!

So, I am not sure why, but it seems as though my life has been sucking lately. Well.. ok, fine. Just today sucked. All I did was, get up, go to work #1, work, travel to work #2 whilst eating lunch, work, come home, ate crappy soup, frosting out of the can and chips and salsa, and watched a football game that I didn't care about.

Job #2 is not so much fun, but at least I am not eating chocolate. Count the number of times you have seen that written before. Within 5 minutes of my being there, I had a kid sitting on my feet with his arms around my legs. So that seems like a good sign, and I think I did well on my first day. Mondays are 5 hours long, whereas tues-friday it is only 3 hours. Now that I know the basics - how to get in to the building, what my supervisor looks like, how many kids to expect, etc. Things should go easier. Don't ask me HOW I am going to learn 50 kids' names, like, ever.

The good ol' days:One more for good measure:

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Karlie said...

ahahaha! you dug waaaay down into the archives for those two. love it :)