Thursday, January 31, 2008

Borders Bullshit

So I had a great idea while at work today. I can get a very low wireless signal at work and it is unsecured, and therefore free. Some might say that I am stealing it but those people are dumb. Anyway, the connection is iffy at best, so it gets annoying when the computer disconnects and reconnects all the time. You know, causing me to wait to waste time buying stuff and reading blogs when I am being paid for doing other things. Yes, I know I shouldn’t complain. I figured I would leave at 2 and go to Borders, get some coffee and check my email uninterrupted for a few minutes on my way to my next job. Come to find out, Borders charges you to use their internet. Of course I found this out after I paid for coffee. So I am writing this on Word. Cause I am WAY too cheap to pay $6 to use the internet for 20 minutes when I came in thinking it would be free. I already pay for the internet at home (sure it’s only $10 a month, including cable….living with people rocks sometimes). What difference does it make anyway? This will be posted, but maybe not for 4 hours or so. Nobody cares that much to make waiting a few hours a big deal.

I wasn’t even planning on blogging, so everyone should be happy that this happened and that they now get to read about my complaining. Lucky you.

Last night my dad and I went out to eat at the Ocean Grill, on MLK ave, right by the Monona Terrace. We got there a little before 5, which was when our reservation was for, so we sat at the bar and had a couple of drinks. I had champagne flavored with a raspberry syrup. It was delish. Dad had a ‘perfectly made’ brandy old-fashioned sweet. Later I ordered Calamari appetizer, a chicken breast entre over pureed squash and couscous, and a French white wine cake with fruit reduction and homemade whipped cream. It was great. My dad can be quoted as saying, ‘I think this is the best meal that I have ever had in my life’.

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Karlie said...

Wow, you were in an exceptional mood when you wrote this :)