Thursday, March 1, 2007

Welcome Myspace Converts...or perverts, whichever. lol

  • Hello world! Just kidding. I am sure there are less people who read this blog than I have fingers.
  • Anyway. I know I just posted two days ago, but... really a lot happened since then. After I posted on Tuesday, I got a bad headache and was super tired. Probably from that relaxing massage. Anyway, I didn't want to go to class, but I did. It was boring and I was irritable the whole time. After class, I saw that I had a voicemail from my boss, asking me if I could help her close, cause she really wanted to get out of work at 6, when we actually close. So I went in to work for an hour and a half. That was actually very enjoyable, because I seriously love my boss, and I hadn't seen her since Valentine's Day (which was not very fun, a day I have already started to repress). Plus, an hour and a half at work, come on. That is nothing. I might as well make $15 instead of eating ice cream cake with Ross. No offense to ross, but.... 300 calories....$15.... which one is more appealing in the long term. Anyway. That was the last good thing to happen until 11pm last night, when I finally went to sleep after being awake for 40 hours. Yes, 40 hours. That total makes me think: Could I possibly WORK for 40 hours straight? Get a whole weeks worth of wages in a day and a half? That would be pretty sweet.
  • So what was I doing, you ask? Well, let me get back to after work. I left late, went back TWICE because I forgot important things, like...$3 for the parking meter so I could drive to my next class, and my freaking KEYS to drive to my next class... When I got to the parking ramp under the building where my class is, of course it is reserved for special events parking and would cost me $5. That's 2 bucks more than I have. So I am pissed and frustrated (remember that I forgot shit all day, was irritable to begin with, etc.) and almost started crying and thought about giving up and going home. But then I thought I should at least look at the meters next to the Union. I found one, so I decided not to throw in the towel just yet. I got to class 5 min late, but I was there. In the front row, litterally like 3 feet from the professor. And then I proceeded to fight sleep for an hour and 15 min. I think I actually did fall asleep once. By then I am starving! So I plan on getting something quick at the union before the hoofers meeting (cause I have my ID that works as a debit card of sorts at UW eateries, but no cash for food after the meeting with my friends). That takes freaking at least 10 min, and by the time that I run downstairs to get to the meeting that normally lasts till about 8, it is over, and none of my future roommates are there. I am trying to become friends with them, that's why I care about that. I did see Nikita, Mike, Joel and Karem, so that was nice. Then I went home to do homework. Which I did none of. I wanted to go to bed early (like 11), I mean, I was tired at noon, I was really tired by then. But I lay down at 12 and I was about to go to sleep, when my ill friend K calls and asks me to take her to the emergency room. Because I am not evil, I take her, and we are there till 5:45 (and I was not sleeping more than 2 min in the hard wooden chairs they had in her room), and then we go and get her prescriptions filled, and I return home at about 6:30am. I took a shower, ate breakfast (included in the meal was 20 oz of coffee), and go to my internship. And then to work. And then I ate dinner, and went to 'little children' with luke. AND THEN I went to bed. 24 hours after I planned.
  • Today has been fine so far. Lets keep it up!

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