Thursday, March 8, 2007

Exams that rock.

So I have been pretty busy as usual. I realized yesterday that on Wednesdays and Fridays, I actually work about 10 hours, and then of course have other stuff to do afterwards, like study for exams. Which is how yesterday went for me. Get up at 7 (read: pretty early for me), get to head start by 8:15, teach kids how to count and write their own name, leave at 1:15. Work by 2pm, push chocolates like its my job till 6. Go home, attempt world record for fastest dinner cooked and consumed without the use of a microwave or IV. Head to library to study for exam. Get home at about 10... waste time online, go to bed.

I learned something last night that would have been of great use to me for the past 3 years. If I leave my computer at home, I can focus, and accomplish things in about 1/3 of the time it takes me with a computer. Its a simple concept really, it shouldn't have taken so long for me to figure it out. my computer is a distraction. A MAJOR distraction. Now... the choice to use this new information for good is mine. I haven't instituted a massive overhaul on how I waste, I mean use, my time yet though. Cause I am sitting in union south, updating my blog.

So anyway. I actually studied for this exam, which is a change from the last exam in this class. I didn't study at all (remember valentines sucked) and I got an 85%. I am happy to report, with 2 hours of studying last night, I am quite sure that I kicked this exam in the ass, big time. Of course it was easy as sin though. In part of it, we had to fill in this diagram full of blank spaces, which I did, and I missed two spots, thinking, shit... what are those? And then I look below the diagram, and lo and behold... the answers are listed-you just have to put them in the right place on the diagram. First... I had no idea exams like this existed in college. Second... hell yes I got all of those answers in the right place. Plus.. ha ha... that diagram was worth 15% of the exam. Sometimes, my life really rocks. The rest of it was pretty easy. Most was multiple choice. I would declare a 'multiple choice exam' major if I could. I love'm.

I have a freaking doctor's appointment at 1pm, a not fun one. So... I am going to go throw this soda away before I down 22oz of liquid and have to pee for the next couple of hours.

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