Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I have started reading people's blogs-people I don't even know. It's almost like a really slowly progressing movie or a tv show, only I read it instead of watching it. Pretty fun really. Except they blog everyday, which feeds into my addiction to reading them every day. And it makes me wish that I blogged everyday. Do I even have enough stuff to say everyday to blog about? I have no idea, probably not.

Today was a very busy day at work for me. I was there all day, and I got a whole list completed. Impressive, believe me. And I am tired for it too. Luke and I ate at an Indian restaurant afterwards, and it was good. I was up for something different, and that it was. We then watched some of Reno 911 (I am sorry, I tried, but I am just not that big of a fan) and then 'Seven'. That was uber creepy. And now I am here. See? Not too exciting.

I hate working alone. I am definitely a 'team player'. Much more motivated when people are counting on me. Friday should be more fun. I am closing with my boss. This weekend couldn't come fast enough, let me tell you. I am just sooooo done with this crap! Working 25 hours, internship 10 hours, class another 9 hours a week. It will be great when it is done. Yes sir.

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