Sunday, March 18, 2007

SO frustrated!

So yeah... I am not in a good mood. I should be getting stuff done but I have to vent first. #1 I am super irritable and cranky because of the 'scripts I started this week. #2 I drove extremely fast for 2 hours for no reason, trying to accomplish something nice. #3 I left my power cord at my aunts house, so I won't be online anytime soon (I am at the library right now). #4 My roommate has officially turned into one of 'those' people who completely ignores everyone around them once they get into a relationship. For the past month or so, I have been going to church with her because that is the only time that she actually hangs out with me. Yes, I have been using God to stay in touch with my roommate. Today I went to church with my aunt, so I knew that the roommate still needed to go. But when I asked her if I could possibly bother her to accept a ride from me and study afterwards, she initally says yes. But then... oh, 'R' wants to go to church, (and he has a car) thereby completely stripping me of any power that would intice my roommate to spend time with me. Lord knows she won't do it just because she is my friend (apparently). But I still ask if the roommate wants to study after church, and lo and behold... 'no, I probably shouldn't, I have all this stuff' (like to spread out). I know damn well that as soon as R gets back from his weekend trip she is going to go right over there and I won't see her until at least Wednesday. Also, while I am on the subject, it royally pisses me off that she spends at least 5 nights a week over there, she is practically living with him. Which a) is so supposedly morally wrong in her eyes, yet she does it anyway, and b) makes it so that E and I can't lock the door all the way cause we don't know when she is coming back in the morning. UGH!

One very unhappy J.

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