Thursday, March 22, 2007

The 'crazy' last few days.

So let me catch you up. Tuesday was a good day. Normal classes, I got my package from my aunt (containing my powercord and my new watch-priceless!). Then it was hoofer time-I love hoofer time. After the (somewhat) unimportant meeting (it being unimportant because I am WAY too busy to go on trips right now) I took part in bood -remember Beverages and fOOD- which was really fun, as usual. AND I didn't have to bum a ride, thank you spring for allowing me to ride my moped! I did freeze my ass off on the scooter though. Then I actually got to sleep before 1:30, which is an improvement.

Wednesday I was an intern, was perscribed Prozac, worked, drank coffee, and 'libraried', in that order. Of course, when I was at work, the first call that came in was from a crotchety old woman calling from East Wash asking how to get to the store. She obviously didn't realize that it is actually quite complicated to get to the store if you don't know what the hell you are doing. So I spent 16 min on the phone with her walking her through the city. I was successful, which just goes to show how much I have driven around this city in the last 3 years. I did it all from memory.'s ok to worship my direction-giving talent. lol. And another lady came in... I thought I recognized her. We do have a lot of repeat customers, and sometimes it makes the customer feel special when you remember them, so I asked her why I thought I knew her. Mistake. I found out, I didn't want to know how I knew her. Yes... she was from UHS, and yes, the last time I saw her, she was at the end of a table that had stirrups. Ugh. I wanted to get her out of the store, ASAP. And I was successful at that as well.

Today... has been good. I got sunburned though. 12 minutes in a tanning bed for the first time in a year is too long. It isn't too bad though, just itchy. :) I have an exam in an hour... that i really don't care about. BRING IT ON!

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