Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I feel a little stuck right now. School should be over, my life should be settled and I should be happy. But all of that must wait, probably until at least May. Right now, graduation can't come fast enough. I am not involved in 'school' anymore. Everything that I like about being in college doesn't have to do with being a student. Drinking isn't interesting, really, just expensive and fattening. Studying has never been enjoyable. I just don't feel like doing it anymore. I love this city, I love my job, my friends and hoofers, but school can bite me.

So.. stuck is the word I would use to describe where I am right now. I need 9 credits to graduate, including 3 as an internship, 3 for 'Couple Relationships' (which is an irritating class), and 3 for another random class. I am taking 12 credits to stay full time for insurance purposes-the least amount I have ever taken in a semester, but it sucks still! Working an average of 25 hours a week doesn't help, but that's not the root of the problem.

Everyone I know in this situation feels quite similarly. We don't know what happens after May, but this fact bothers some more than others and people deal with it in different ways. I seem to be more of a 'must solve' kind of person, while others are in denial or physically showing symptoms of stress. We will get through. One day at a time, I guess.

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