Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Oscars

You know what I learned from the Oscars? I will tell you. (that's why you are here, ya know)
1. I love the last part of the oscars. I love seeing beautiful famous people win award and show a genuine emotion. It makes me happy.
2. I have a lot of movies that I want to see. A LOT. I want to see: The Queen, Little Children, Little Miss Sunshine, and The Departed. Ok. So only 4 that I can remember right now. But that's at least 8 hours of movie watching, and... if I were to watch them all next week, it would probably cost me around ($8x4movies=) $32. Wait. That's not too bad, actually. $32 to waste a whole day?! It's like $60 for an amusement park day. And a movie can't get rained out (which is kinda sad, I would like to go to a drive-in).

Enough about the Oscars.

I just got done with a massage, and man was it wonderful. I am thinking about maybe making this a monthly thing, before I graduate and it gets more expensive. Nothing else really too exciting going on. I might have a date in march though! So I lied a little, that is exciting. For real now, though... nothing else exciting. I know how you can't take all the adrenaline. I am sorry.

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