Saturday, February 10, 2007

The impending week of hell

I am in day two of my 6 day stretch of working Valentine's Day. It is alright, but man, I have other things to do than coax people into buying a more expensive cardboard heart filled with amazing chocolate.

Today, I talked with a really cute checkout guy at Copps. And he started the conversation with me. Enough to brighten up my day, let me tell you.

Tomorrow morning I am eating breakfast with some hoofers. :) I know for sure that Nikita, Patrick and Mike will be there, but really, it doesn't matter if other people show up. We will have a good time at Lazy Jane's. After that I work from 11-4. Not exciting, but it is just Laurie (boss/owner) and Me so I guess it will probably be okay.

This week I have two exams (one that promises to kick my rump if I don't study extensively) and a paper, plus I am working 32 hours this week. I told my boss that I would skip all my classes on Tuesday to work for her. Why? Cause I am sucker and I feel like I am important at work. It's a powerful motivator. (tip for future persuasion in the workforce)

So, with no further ado... I must study.

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