Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Oh my gosh. So it looks like I survived the big V day. I just got done working 44.25 hours since Friday of last week, and man, I can tell. Today I was supposed to be at head start from 8:15-1:15, but there was a carbon monoxide problem, so they canceled school and I left at 10:30. Then I called Laurie to ask if I should come in. She didn't even let me finish my question before begging me to come over... So today I worked a full day, again. Yesterday was a 10+ hour day. Right now I should be studying for the two exams I have tomorrow, but I thought you people deserved an update.

Overall, Valentine's Day wasn't horrible. I got flowers from Karlie!!! I don't remember ever getting flowers on Valentine's Day in my life, so congrats friend. It's a first. And they are beautiful.

I hope everyone had a good day/week/other meaningful increment of time. Now, on to the books. Let's see how much ass I can kick tomorrow in the Abnormal Psychology field.

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