Monday, February 19, 2007

Horray for a new start!

So... last week sucked. I will admit it. I ended up getting a C on one exam and an 85% on the other. Not my usual grades, but passing, nonetheless. I am excited to get a new start this week, put last week behind me.

This weekend was much better. I worked on Saturday, but managed to stay busy for the whole time, which is unusual and great. Saturday night I went to Man of La Mancha at the Ovature Center with Mike. I had a mild panic attack right at the beginning of the show, but was able to pull myself together enough to not freak out completely, which is a good thing.

Sunday was great. I slept until 9:15 (read: late for me) and Theresa and I went to Laundry 101 and then to church while our clothes dried. The service was good, and I followed it for a change. By that, I mean that it actually kept my attention, not that only today I felt like paying attention. After church, we folded clothes and came back to the apartment for lunch. Then Eva and I went grocery shopping, where I got a phone call from my nephew Russ. For his 4th birthday, I sent him a stuffed monkey like the one that he tried to steal from me when I visited. (not that I have a stuffed monkey that I sleep with every night or anything). And of course I talked to his mom (my sister) and she said that she is planning on coming up (from GA) to see my graduation in May. Exciting! Feeling loved and important! After grocery shopping I got some homework done, and luke and I went to the Casbah for dinner. That was an experience...I think generally a good experience. :) After that, luke and I came back to my apartment and watched Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters.

Wow, summing the day up like that really shows me that it WAS wonderful, and that I should be grateful. So, I am.

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