Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I really wish I knew how to design my own website. I would totally pay for a domain name if I just knew how to make it unique. I need more geeky friends.

Also, Static - if you get Mario Kart... it's on! Haute and I will kick your newly married ass! (if we can figure out how do make the dang thing work. Once again.... where are you geeky friends?!)


hautepocket said...

I wish that I had some geeky friends to design my website too! And teach me how to connect with my friends on Mario Cart. :( Sniffle.

WHERE HAVE ALL THE GEEK FRIENDS GONE? (Do doot. do do doot. do do doot.)

Urn said...

They live in Seattle. ;)

mike vidal said...

I'm geeky but who says I can design a website worth a dang.