Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nermal Races

Garfield always sent Nermal to Abu Dhabi. I have only been trying to think of that for weeks. Glad it's out there in a place where I know I can find it again when I need to. I know I will need to, it's just a matter of time.

So. Yeah. Been busy over here at the FrenchRangoon headquarters. So busy that it was starting to feel overwhelming to think about updating you all. I mean, I know you know what I have been up to, so why update? I guess you might want to know how I feel about it all, with feelings and stuff.

I wrote about how I was having stress dreams, right? Well, I thought maybe I would have one sleepless night and then I would be so tired from that night (this would be Saturday night) that sleeping would be a piece of cake the next day. No such luck for this girl. I was having those crazy stupid kinds of dreams that I have when I am super stressed out from work. I mean, I obviously wasn't dreaming about idiots waking me up from my sleep on the floor behind the counter at a chocolate shop, wanting to buy truffles at 3am. But I was half waking up, over and over, thinking that 'TODAYS THE RACE' and I must get up now, so that I am not late! Or, everyone is here, why are you not racing?! I don't think the situation was helped much by the fact that I am completely, 100%, scarily obsessed with reading dooce from the beginning. That is a totally different topic, but let's just say that everything I was doing was being narrated in the voice (and comedy) of Heather Armstrong. That's entertaining and all, but it doesn't help when you are half awake and your situation is being read to you in a strangers voice in the form of a blog post. A funny blog post, sure, but still. I just wanted to sleep.

So getting up for my race was not the prettiest thing. I just didn't feel like it. And then I get there, and I find out that not everyone that I expected to come actually showed up... (and let's just say that the person who didn't show up was supposed to be someone else's ride, and that person who was supposed to be driving was the one person I was most excited to have there, and that person didn't even call me to tell me they weren't coming, and still hasn't expressed that they feel bad about it or anything. Yes, he/she had a good excuse, a great excuse really, but... you could still be sorry. Maybe you aren't. Fine then.) Okay, I feel a little better after that rant. Anyway, my friend Mike biked TEN miles to come and see me run a measly 5k. And not very well, either, mind you.

There, I said it, I pretty much sucked it up on the whole race thing. I didn't even care that much. Maybe if I would have had someone to run with me, that would have been more motivation, but I just.. I just didn't care very much. And it was windy and there was ZERO shade on the whole route. So I came in like 180th place. Haha. That sounds so ROCKIN'! Whatever. When I rounded the final corner, and started running up the 'Quaker Steak and Lube' driveway, there was a woman about 10 or 15 feet in front of me. Something clicked inside of me, the little competitive demon was awakened and I decided that I must catch that chick and beat her to the line. And, that's what I did. She didn't respond to me being directly behind her, but then the crowd started to indicate that I was making a move, so she sped up. And I totally sped up too, and kicked her ass. I am so glad that I had the energy at the end to go over the line running full out. It kind of makes up for the times when I walked because I just didn't care enough. lol. And yes, if I ever get pictures from my mom and aunt, I will post them.

And then school started, and I am way too tired to post about that right now. So you will have to wait, again.


hautepocket said...

I thought there was only a LUBE DRIVEWAY in my dreams. I don't even know what that means. But congratulations on running a full "measly 5k". Right now I'm a little intoxicated from drowning my aforementioned woes with a measly bottle of wine. It's working.

Jen said...

Quaker Steak and Lube is a restaurant, silly.

hautepocket said...

Why didn't we go THERE for Christin's Bachlorette party? It has the word 'lube' in it for God's sake. It would have gone perfectly with our penis paraphernalia.

staticmonkey said...

and who doesn't like STEAK?! I know I do.
Congrats on the Run Jen!