Thursday, July 10, 2008


I really like broccoli. Yummy. We got like 3lbs of it today from the CSA we are a part of. It's called Vermont Valley. Anyway. I just ate a whole head of it. Good thing nobody's sleepin with ME tonight.

What I really want is KFC's sauceless hot wings. I love chicken, I love spicy, I hate ooey gooey sauce. Sounds perfect really, except for that whole 'hugely unhealthy for me' bit. And I refuse to give in until after my race.

Speaking of my race, I had a stress dream about it last night. I was with all my friends from HS and we were on the way to the race (they all came to watch me!), but I felt extremely unprepared because I had missed the walk of the route on Saturday and I didn't really know where we were going. We may have also been running late, because that's what we do when we are together. Anyway, as much as I try to say that I am not nervous for it... I guess I am. At least subconsciously.

I bought a new set of pjs for next weekend! They are pink and cute. So there. And if you think this is frivolous, you are right. But! I will be sharing a hotel room with at least 4 other people, one of whom I recently went on a semi-date with, and two of whom are ordained in the methodist church. The last one I would like to be friends with, so.... the heat is on! Must look good whilst sleeping. That is impossible for me. Also, more recently, evidenced here:

Betcha didn't see that coming did ya? I am not holding a monkey in this picture, no siree. But... we won't talk about what I am technically 'holding' - thanks to my friends. And more thanks to the crop function, nobody has to know. :)


hautepocket said...

dean dean dean dean dean

staticmonkey said...

what are you holding on to?

hautepocket said...

A giant, glowing cock, that's what.