Monday, July 28, 2008

My peeps miss me

Apparently I cannot go on an unexpected hiatus without catching some flack for not blogging. I formally apologize for neglecting you, internet and internet friends. I still love you, but my life has recently been hijacked by subjunctive clauses, mingles, lesson planning and damned reading. Oh yeah, and teaching.

School is going pretty well. My relationships with my classmates hasn't progressed much since I last wrote about them, but nothing too strange has happened. Well, except for the one time when I had a briefcase thrown at my head by a guy I will refer to from here on out as Crass & lacking all social skills, or CLASS. He's a class act.

This last weekend rocked my socks off. Friday night I went out with Kelsey for her birthday. We ate at a Greek place on State and then proceeded toward the capital to see what we could see. I mean, drink. I felt more free and uninhibited than I had in... maybe ever, when talking to strangers. I didn't stutter, I didn't feel embarrassed, I didn't over think things. I also didn't get too drunk to drive my moped home. How do I know I wasn't too drunk to drive my moped home? Cause no one died as a result of my riding my moped home on Friday night, that's how. Saturday Dad came into town and we went to the farmer's market and shopping. Around 4 Erin called me and asked if I wanted to join her and her friends at a Mallard's game. Never before has one impromptu phone call made me feel so loved. I mean, I was replacing someone, but I was still called! Someone wants to hang out with me! The game was really fun. It was Erin's birthday (and my bestest friend in the whole wide world's birthday too! Love you friend! Um, your card is still not in the mail. Because I suck at life and those stupid lesson plans have jailed me) and she brought a handful of friends and Tina and her brother met us at the game. I think we had the best time, Tina and I. We get along pretty well... especially after 3 beers. Yeah, for the first time in like 3 years I drank while I was still hung over. Not since Mardi Gras in St. Louis have I done that! But it worked out just fine.... Except for the part where I peed in a bush later in the night, in downtown Madison. Yeah. I did.

I also have been wanting to post about a really really random dream I had not too long ago. I was at a urine donation center, you know, donating my urine. That much is obvious by the fact that I was carrying around a gallon sized ziplock bag full of my own pee. It was heavy, and I was actually worried about the bag breaking or dropping it. I mean, that would be gross. Anyway, I wanted to get a breath of fresh air so I meander outside. It's raining and there are people smoking out there. Then this 40 something, unattractive man (who is also there to do some donating, I am guessing) comes up to me and tries to pick me up with some line, WHILE I AM STILL HOLDING A GALLON OF MY OWN PEE. Even in my dream I can recognize that this is ridiculous. I spent the rest of the dream avoiding that guy.

That's about all of the updating that you are going to get right now. OH WAIT! I have a very promising lead on securing a post-school housing arrangement! I will have more info tomorrow evening. You will (probably) be kept abreast.


hautepocket said...

I so wish that I could have been there to urinate on a bush with you!

staticmonkey said...

good thing urine is sterile huh? :)