Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New, excitinger ambitions

Last night, before the weird bacon/burger king dream, I took some time to look up some of the companies that I could possibly teach for next year. Linguarama made me think that I could teach English in Germany or Italy, but after further review, I could teach German in Germany (HA!) or Italian in Italy. So, nevermind. I found another site though, and I guess I may have already filled out the application cause I am in a 'what the hell, why not!' kind of mood. This company is called English First. They keep talking about a CV that I have to upload. I have no idea what that is, but sometimes they pair it with resume. Like, please upload your CV/Resume at your earliest convenience. I guess I will figure it out sometime. And then I read the part that says that after you apply they should contact you within one week for your interview. I am hoping that is one week after I submit a wonderful CV. Certain Velocity. Carnal Venison. What do you think CV could be?


Karlie said...

It's basically a fancy word for "resume" and means "curriculum vitae." Since you are submitting the application abroad I would recommend using a CV rather than a resume-a CV is longer and more in depth, and is usually expected when applying for positions outside of the U.S.. It's typically used when applying for education positions-which you are. I have no idea how to write one..but I'm sure you can find something online. If Google can direct people inquiring about dog sex to MY BLOG, I'm sure it can come up with something to help you. :)

Wow. I guess college did teach me SOMETHING. Glad to see it was useful afterall..bleh.

Karlie said...

In fact...try this:


Jen said...

Thanks Friend! I knew one of my 2 readers would know!