Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Just woke up from a dream, and if you know my dreams, you know they are NUTS. In this one, my friend who writes a blog about eating healthily wrote a post about how awesome Burger King is, and how we would all be so surprised to see how many great choices they have. Come to find out, she is actually living above a Burger King (in the dream). I visited her there, and as we left to go do something, this woman and her grandma or great aunt or something came up to us and told us about how they stopped at a soup stand and then at some sort of watermelon rolling race. The old lady told the story first and I swear it was in another language, the younger one translated. The second part of my dream revealed my lack of confidence in running. Basically I couldn't run as far as everyone else and I felt defeated. The last thing I remember is eating a really long, perfectly cooked piece of bacon. mmmmmmmm bacon.

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