Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bubbles: The great equalizer

Can you imagine being paid $8.40 an hour to play with bubbles? In sunshiny, 70 degree weather with elementary school kids? That's what I got to do today. Bubbles are great. I had forgotten that truth until today. They are iridescent, clear, flying orbs that tingle on your face when you pop them with your nose. ahhh. They also taste like poo. horrible. Anyway, for the hour or so I was outside, everyone and their grandma spent time remarking about the bubbles, or running around popping them, or crying cause I wouldn't let them play with them. (HEY! It's not my rule. If they got hurt....somehow.... blowing bubbles....yeah. Well, we could be sued if the impossible happened)

I ran tonight as well. It felt very very good today. And! I beat my last recorded mile and half time by a minute and thirty seconds! Ok, so I just looked it up and it was only a mile and a third. BUT, I still beat my best by that much, cause it was the same route I was one before. Woo.

I think I am going to cave and make the 'speech' on Sunday. After thinking about it for 24 hours, I think I could handle it. Sigh. Why can't i just wait to make big deals out of things? Guess I just need a day to think things through.

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