Monday, May 5, 2008

Its May. Thank God

It's Monday and I am happy, calm and rested. What is wrong with this picture? Nothing, I say. This is how it should be, always. My weekend was full of friends, exercise, fresh air and freedom.

The things that I enjoyed most about going to Trempealeau with my friends wasn't the canoeing that we planned. It was the random, spontaneous adventures we had. The weather was summery (cool, but still) so it reminded me of exactly how I used to spend my childhood summers. I was nine again, having a sleep over at a friends house. Something about sundown accentuates this feeling, so on Saturday I was just crazy with happiness. Nikita and I staged a stand off in her front yard while her parents and brother looked on. I climbed a tree (kind of. You know I am too fearful to go too high) and played with dogs. We played board games. I got to feed some cows. I even got to go for a 4 wheeler ride.

While we canoed on Saturday morning, I talked with Nikita's cousin. She taught English in Japan and Poland, so you can imagine that I was excited to talk to her about it. She reassured me just by talking about it that I will love it. She said that once I have my TESL (teaching english as a second language certification) that I can go ANYWHERE with it. She gave me advice about my resume and tips to get me placed in Europe. I feel so much better about it and it seems more like it will really happen now. I have renewed excitement.

Of course, we also ate and ate and ate. We stayed with parents, and you know how parents can be. I also ran and hiked up a bluff and went for walks and canoed, so hopefully it balanced out somehow. My pictures from this weekend are on my picasa photo albums.

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend and a much needed break from the hustle of my everyday life. I hope everyone can have a weekend like this every once in a while.

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