Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Anxietied and Frustrated

So, since I wrote last, I was invited by my pastor to join a Ultimate Frisbee team, got all excited about it, asked everyone if I should do it, said I would (and told everyone my decision) and then the invitation was withdrawn, due to other players asking their friends and them signing up first. Don't get your hopes up. I need to remember that.

Also, I become a member of the church by my house this Sunday. The pastor wants all of the new members to give a little talk about how they came to the church and what it means to them, DURING THE SERVICE. Um. No, I don't want to. I mean, I guess I could, but I am so so so uncomfortable talking about religion with almost everyone, even one on one. I have conditioned myself to believe that anything I say will make me sound stupid, because I know next to nothing about religion! Also, I have a feeling that being religious makes you unrefined and hick like and I do not want to be seen that way (cause I am so sophisticated). Of course, I have to consider my audience (thank you, Mrs. Hill) and know that it would be fine, but I told the pastor that I didn't want to do it. We'll see how she takes that.

Now how do you feel about rejecting me from your frisbee team?! Ha HA!


Karlie said...

Clearly there is no God. If there was, why would He allow you to be kicked out of Ultimate Frisbee? That's not very nice, Big Guy. Not very nice at all.

Luke said...

I miss Mrs. Hill.....aww.