Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One Story at a time

As I sit here thinking about where to start, dipping ginger cookies in market spice tea, I am realizing that this trip deserves more than one post. So you will get snippets, my friends, until the whole story is told.

I tried sushi for the first time, on the first night in town. I think that spending 12 hours traveling on 3 hours of sleep wore me down enough that I couldn't hold any feelings of fear or disgust, so I just did it. (maybe there is something in this.... I should stay up for days before skydiving) The bad news about waiting to try sushi in Seattle means that I am forever ruined for having sushi anywhere else. I have heard it's top notch. It all tasted pretty good, but I liked the spicy roll the best - I don't remember what it was... Urn? I had salmon, tuna, oysters and eel! We also had some deep fried veggies. I can't remember what anything was called because I was half asleep at that point. Sake... not my thing. Patsy and Brian's friend Shawn (or Sean? I don't know how to spell his name, someone correct me) is somewhat of a refined sushi diner so he ordered for all of us. I was super grateful. Finally got to try miso soup (misosoupfourseaweedsaladthreesoyburgers...) as an appetizer and thought it rocked.

Warning: Many of these posts will give the impression that all we did while I was there was EAT, eat, EAT! And that's mostly because eating was a central theme. We did it often, and often paid for it. You'll see. Want pictures? Wait no more


Karlie said...

and one pasta with meatless balls? (they taste the same)

Urn said...

Shawn, with a "w" is correct. :)

I think the roll you're thinking of is the Spicy Tuna roll. It was particularly yummy.

artichokeshavehearts said...

if you close your eyes!