Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not a letter

These are the things I have noticed today, whilst travelling across the country by myself.
  • 3 o'clock is an UNGODLY hour to start driving. Now I know why people say it is 'painfully early'. Cause it actually hurts
  • Driving after 2 hours of sleep is scary. I kept forgetting where I was going, or where I was.
  • When I am tired, I am very blunt. I have absolutely no ability to be both blunt and polite. I only know how to be both blunt and rude, so thats what I am today.
  • Why would they want me to turn my iPod off while we are taking off and landing? Screw that. I left it on. Cause I break aaaaalllll the rules.
  • Being online at the airport is expen$ive.
  • I am a freaking crybaby. Tell me something happy, or sad, and watch the show.
  • Lots of people pick their noses. Look around.

Ok, I have two minutes left before I am kicked off of here. Guess I better go catch a superlateplane to Portland, OR. Then, its SEATTLE TIME BABY!

1 comment:

Karlie said...

At least your airline is still in business ;)