Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ahh Little kids

This is a letter to my dear friend Johnny*, age 6

Dear Johnny,
Today, you were great! The way that you spent a whole hour writing a three page book! So creative, forget that I had to either spell or hint for you to spell every word. Who cares if it opens backwards and you read the right hand side page first. Also, you were just freaking cute.

Thanks for being awesome,
Jen the after school teacher

P.S. Saying that I am your favorite and that you will miss me while I am gone definitely earned you bonus points.

*Fake name, this kid has a WAY cuter name in real life

Johnny's book, pretty much verbatim:

Once there was a girl who wanted to be a sailor when she grew up. But when she grew up, she was a robber. And she stole a sailors cap. She was put in jail for 3 years. But in 1 + half years, she escaped, but the police almost got her. The end.

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